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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Just Had To Look

Yesterday, I did a drive-by.  I went by to collect the shipping cages.  Both hives were a flurry of activity.  Just outside of each hive was a pile of dead bees.  I even saw one being drug out by the 'undertakers', the bees responsible for removing dead bees from the inside of the hive.

I also observed, what I believe to be the bees taking orientation flights.  From what I have read, the younger bees will fly out of the hive and then hover in front of the hives to 'orient' themselves to the geography surrounding their hive.  I did see a few darting here and there, obviously going somewhere else, perhaps to the pond for water or to search for food.

I also noticed a few yellow droppings outside the hive which is bee feces (they go outside).  

Thursday, I'll head over and crack open each hive and check out the queens and make sure they are released and laying eggs.

I'll also fix the entrances, stands, and check the syrup levels.

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