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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My bees are in their hives.  After a trip down south to pick up my bees, I installed them later this afternoon.  Installing them was so much easier than I thought it would be.  After only a few minutes, they were in their hives.  I fed them each two gallons of sugar syrup, one of which is treated with Fumagilin-B which treats for a honeybee disease known as Nosema.

A couple of thoughts:

First, I don't like the hive stand configuration that I have.  I need to use a total of 8 cinderblocks, where now I have four.  Also, the milk crate idea that I had seen on the net is useless.  Tuesday, I'll be fixing these issues.  

Second, although I like the full body suit for protection, I can't see using it during the middle of summer.  I think I'll either get just a jacket, or just use a veil and long sleeve shirt and jeans.  It's a little much, but I have to admit, it did offer a degree of confidence and allowed me to work with the bees without worrying one bit.

Third, I'm not sure how the queen installation went.  I think I turned the queen cage the correct way.  I'll know more on Tuesday.  

Fourth, I need to measure the syrup and record how much they are taking.  I found very little about this matter in my research.  

Take a good look at the picture with the pond in the background.  This is where the bees will get their 'cooling water' from.  The landowner/farmers thought this would be a good spot.  I agree.  He was nice enough to clear a little area amidst some trees for my hives.  This should be a nice spot with morning sun, afternoon shade, and some evening sun again.  Thanks to him, I've got a beautiful spot, quiet, and peaceful for my bees. 

Now ladies, the rest is up to you!

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