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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Varroa Count and Possible Wax Moths

I visited the hives today and saw lots of activity on 'Genesis' and some, but not quite as much on 'Exodus'.  Note the 'first flight' taking place at the front of the hive.  All of that brood must have emerged!

I fed each hive a 2:1 gallon of syrup in order to shore up their winter supplies.  I also pulled the sticky boards off of the hives to check the Varroa count.  To my disappointment, after preforming the count, the levels were pretty high, which means that I may have to treat them with some chemicals in order to avoid my hive crashing this winter.  I have an e-mail in with the State Apiarist asking for a recommended treatment.

Here are the results:  (Calculations based on 120 hrs in hive)

Total Count - 494
Daily Calculated Fall Rate - 98.8
Hourly Calculated Fall Rate - 4.11
Total Count - 719
Daily Calculated Fall Rate - 143.8
Hourly Calculated Fall Rate - 5.99

I also found what I believe to be three Wax Moth larvae stick to the sticky board.  I have to do some research on this, but may need to pull each hive apart and do a much more through inspection.  

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