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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hive Check

Date:  Thursday, June 19, 2008
Time:  1:30 PM
Weather:  77', Slight Wind

I stopped by the hives today to pick up the bottom boards, feeders, and completely remove the entrance reducers.  The colonies should now be strong enough to defend themselves as well as utilize the larger entrance for better ventilation.

Both hives had great activity outside the hives with lots of bees taking orientation flights and foragers  returning from gathering nectar and pollen.  I saw several bees with full pollen sacks in each hive.  

I only checked the honey supers and the top brood boxes, of which neither hive had any evidence of drawing out comb.  Each hive had strong brood patterns, eggs, and lots of activity in the honey portion of the frames.  In the Genesis hive, I switched the end frames to encourage more building on the remaining portions that had not been built upon.

I'm not sure how the cooler weather we've been having (low 50's and high 70's) will affect the honey flow, but I'm pleased with the health and progress of each hive.

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