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Monday, March 31, 2008

Pollen Nation, the movie

Several weeks ago, I pre-ordered Pollen Nation, today it arrived.

Here is a brief description and my thoughts:

This film follows the journey of one commercial beekeeper – third generation beekeeper Jeff Anderson -- from the honey harvest on the High Plains to the warm winter-feeding grounds of California. It also explores the history of human interaction with bees, a story that reflects the development of agriculture. In ancient Egypt beekeepers floated their clay hives down the Nile to some of the first irrigated fields; in the 21st century, professional bee brokers help balance the rising costs of maintaining hives with increasing demand from big agriculture.

The Good: Presents a good overview of commercial beekeeping in the U.S., great photography and music, and interviews with known migratory beekeepers.

The Bad: The main film is a little short (25 minutes) and was a broad overview of multiple subjects (if your want in-depth details look elsewhere).

Overall: For $20, it's a nice film that can be show to people generally interested in beekeeping or CCD. I give it 3.5 stars.

For more information: Pollen Nation Movie Website

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