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Friday, August 7, 2009

2009 Boone County Fair Results

Back in February, I stated that one of my goals for the 2009 beekeeping season was to enter the local Boone County Fair with my honey. I think showing honey is a great way to share the rewards of beekeeping with non-beekeepers and, hopefully, encourage others to get started in beekeeping themselves. It's also a friendly way of competing with fellow beekeepers.

Well, I did it! This year, thanks to the bees, I took 2nd place for a full frame of honey and 3rd place for a 1lb jar of white extracted honey. I've recieved beautiful red and white ribbons to show for the effort, five dollars total prize money, and more importantly, I learned about the judging and correct display of honey and frames of honey. This will certainly be a topic of a future episode of The Beekeeping Podcast.

Congratulations to my beekeeping mentor, Susie, who took 1st place in both the same categories I entered. That's really the way it should be, for as it is wisely written, "The disciple is not above his master..." (Luke 6:40).

I'm already looking forward to next years competition.


Brad said...

Darcy, I can't believe how almost clear your honey is, it looks great. My son and I are going to attempt to show honey this year that we are going to extract, also! I heard there is quite a bit of work to it, not using an extractor, perfect bottles, no air. Lots of work. I'll let you know how ours goes.

Brad said...

Darcy, good job on the honey show, I was surpised how almost clear in color your honey was. My son and I are going to show honey also this year, and I have heard there is alot of work to it, I'm looking forward to it! Brad

Ben said...

Congratulations on your awards! I would love to show some of our honey next year at the NYS Fair.

William said...

Great looking clear honey- and well deserved awards! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I am a nine-year-old beekeeper. My 4H beekeeping club is encouraging all of us to enter something in the 4H fair.The fair is three weeks from now and I want to enter a frame of capped honey.
Can you tell me how best to preserve the frame until the fair. How early can I take it out of the hive? How long can I leave it in the freezer?
Any advice?
Thanks! Sophie